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Hi !
My name is Martin.
I hope that you
like our products.

Koalaplan AB is a dedicated and creative team who love finding new products. Each and every product we choose is beautifully designed, useful or fun. They are also all chosen because in some way or another, they bring a little sunshine to every-day life. We want people to get happy about our products!

Our goal is to make sure you can find the perfect gift for any person or occasion on koalaplan.com.

It all started in 2004 when three IT consultants Richard, Mattias and Martin founded the company Skytale AB. During a night out on the town, the idea of Swedish voodoo was born, and a few short weeks later, Richard found himself sharing his apartment with 10,000 little voodoo dolls! VooDolls soon developed to become a bestselling gift in Scandinavia and the German-speaking countries.

Hi there !
I'm Richard.
Welcome to
Hello there,
I'm Ulrike and
your direct contact
at Koalaplan.

A couple years later Ulrike Fischer joined the team, bringing her special brand of German order to Skytale. She also introduced VooDolls to the German-speaking market.

The product range has since been extended with the addition of HappyMakers: a group of colourful, happy little creatures designed to brighten up everyday life.

Soon after, Koalaplan AB was founded to deal exclusively with lifestyle products. The company's name is derived from Karlaplan, the Stockholm subway station, which Loke - the five year old son of Richard - likes to call Koalaplan!

Hey !
This is Mattias.
Now you've come to
the right place.
Hi !
My name is Anette.
I'm in charge
of logistics.

Most recently, the new, fun product line 'Daily Live Saviours' has been developed, and Anette has joined the team to ensure that every item purchased from us reaches it's destination.

2012 also saw the launch of the all-new web shop koalaplan.com.